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April 09 2015

Location, Location - Exciting Places for Quickie Sex

Sometimes, we do not have much time on our hands for a full-blown intercourse. If you're in the stage of horny, locating a safe place won't really cross your mind. So you have to do it right away - at least in a of these places.Public Places to Have Sex

#1 Elevator

Standing sex position combined with the element of getting caught - Best Perth Girls Australia calls it elevator banging'. Most people would agree that certain of the most exciting places to take part in quickie sex is in a lift (and one of the must-tries).
Maybe you have seen some scenes in rom-com movies however it is not as easy as you think. For in elevator sex, you have to master the art of stalling, quick pumping and some balancing acts. Remember to pick a spot nearest the control buttons.
Best Places to Have Sex in Public

#2 In the Car

Guys love cars and sex - combining both the is a dream come true. It may sound clich� but absolutely nothing is more aphrodisiac than a car's fresh leather. If you are short on time and you are clearly too horny, the car is your best option to acquire busy.
Choose a parking spot in which you won't be arrested for public indecency. Like a doggy in the backseat, girl on the top or even a missionary. Drive the right path to a hot memorable experience but please don't do it while driving.

#3 Cinemas

If you want less probability of getting caught plus more of the satisfaction, the movie theatre is your best shot. In addition to the sitting sex position, it is also a great place to receive fellatio. Issues picked the least-watched flick within the cinema, lucky you!
Choose corner seats inside the topmost or end row. Focus on few minutes of foreplay to prime the entry, make her take a seat on your lap while facing the screen and straddle on your path to pleasure (don't scream if not a horror movie).

#4 Workplace

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, around 27% of males they surveyed consider having sex at the workplace premises. If you're thinking about banging that office hottie, you must do it when most of us have gone home.

For an office quickie, experts say standing up sex is the best position (it needs very little space). Now, you'll definitely look forward to spending extra hours at the office. Just don't do it on the boss' desk - it is a terrible place to get caught.

#5 Restaurant Alley

Are you thinking rats and filth? Nearly. Some alleys specially those behind restaurants are neat and decent places to tug off a quickie. Sex experts explain that because the darkness will amplify your senses, it will give twice the pleasure.
Want more advices on sex? Go to our website and get more tips and tricks in getting those eyes rolling with pleasure. Would like to know the best way to make your fantasies be realized? Get help from the women of Best Girls in Perth Australia.

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